Doctor Vet Details

Customers and Patients. (Doctor Vet: veterinary Software, clinics and pets)

Module for clients seeking income and or pets.

Allows a client phone call, send an email, find out if he has debt and since when.

Management of prepaid medical and income sheet for a pet.

Food bar indicator and information on the states of a pet.

Impressions (ID card, immunization schedule, immunization form, medical history, etc.), or shift assignments, lodging - daycare.

Specifications of a pet (Doctor Vet: veterinarian Software, clinics and pets)

Single Sheet of a pet at the vet.

Photo of the pet, clinical history sessions with possibility appending photos. History of vaccination (vaccines, deworming, contraceptives, geriatric, etc.). clinical Analysis (hematology, biochemistry, urinalysis, cultures, coproparasitology). Radiology. Ultrasound.

Can register vaccination without altering inventory from this module.

Movements. (Doctor Vet: Software veterinary clinics and pet chips)

Module for movements and advanced search of customers and suppliers.

Sell, purchases, etc.

At check any movement, Doctor Vet uses control functions to automate the movement management. p eg Open dialog "Append to Medical Records" if you register the sale of a check, consult user planning when selling a first vaccine, etc.

Home. (Doctor Vet: veterinarian Software, clinics and pets)

integrator. Module You can access anywhere from the program.
Includes a box with relevant information of the day ongoing and direct links for information.

P. Ex patients in need of re-vaccination, Pets with lack of food, debtors with overdue by more than x (configurable) time. Need for automatic shipments of mails, detached tasks of providing services, etc.


Finance. (Doctor Vet: veterinary Software, clinics and pets)

Financial management.

Creating, removing and updating of suppliers and items.

Sales and Purchase Management. Cancellation. everyday Cash. Inventory. Inventory walking. Current accounts.


General Listings. Veterinarian software. (Doctor Vet: Veterinarian Software, clinics and pets)
  • Clients. Patients.
  • Suppliers.
  • Vaccines between dates.
  • Purchases between dates. Expenses. Sells.
  • Debts.
  • Lodgin.
  • Vaccines due
  • Etc.
Agenda. (Doctor Vet: veterinary Software, clinics and pets)


Managing of scheduled tasks or detached from the provision services.

Doctor Vet Tasks (automation) and sending of automatic email (configurable), communication with debtor offers via mail, birthday congratulations, etc.

Agenda system users. Doctors. Collectors. Sellers.

Messaging. (Doctor Vet: veterinarian Software, clinics and pets)

Emphasizes the messages should be sent or were sent. Text messages. Printing cards.

Automatic messages and states.


Analysis. (Doctor Vet: veterinary Software, clinics and pets)

Analysis vaccination dose counting projection. Projected doses and dose actually placed in periods.



Automation in Doctor Vet

The system can perform tasks automatically, based to a given configuration. (these functions can be enabled or disabled as needed)

  • Sending email to customers with vaccines due dates. (reminders)
  • Sending email to customers with levels low food (deals).
  • Sending email to debtors clients with no partial payments for more than x time.
  • Sending email to loyalty relationship with customers, for their pets birthday.

  • Printing listings always revaccination is necessary
  • Printing listings always re-feeding is necessary.
  • Printing summary of tasks deriving from the services whenever necessary.
  • Printing letters in case the configuration so indicates or absence email.
  • Profiling customers to determine appropriate care for each case.